Odeane Watson
Jun 22, 2022
What to do if your EAD has being rejected? twice?
Aos MJun 23, 2022
the card or the application?
Odeane WatsonJun 23, 2022
the application
zaza tatieAug 12, 2022
explain it better. I don't understand. you mean they rejected the application for EAD ? Then even your immigration status should be in jeopardy... We need more information. If it the expedite request you will still have to try again and again until approval...
Odeane WatsonAug 21, 2022
the application three different time know (they just keep returning the files) saying something is wrong with the Labor certificate always saying they don’t see it time and time again we even printed it and send it with the file (don’t know what else to do)

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