Mr P
Jun 12, 2021
EAD after Biometrics
I know this has been asked so many times, but how long did y’all wait to receive EAD after Biometrics? Marriage category at NBC concurrent filing. #biometrics #ead
T LJun 12, 2021
it’s just random. there is no set timeline. mine took only 3 weeks after filing without needing to do biometrics. some friends of mine at the same company waited a lot longer than me like almost 7-8 months. so.. it is just random.. and this whole process is kinda random ..
aisha GJun 12, 2021
for me 2 months and half
sn lionJun 12, 2021
60 days
v bJun 12, 2021
my biometrics were applied in October and still no EAD, NBC marriage category, concurrent
Sunny SunnyJun 13, 2021
my biometrics were applied on January and still no EAD, also mi case is handle by NBC and family based....
Sur oJun 13, 2021
did bio in October and still no ead

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