i751 :@
Feb 13, 2021
hi, community, Can I open a company while I am on my EAD marriage-based pending Aos c9? what would happen if my case gets approved while I have the company and what would happen if the aos gets rejected and must leave the country. what can I do with the company please help!
Mary Mary QuiteContraryFeb 13, 2021
Great question. Bcuz I wanna register a LLC too but I only have EAD too
Ana GFeb 13, 2021
you can, my 90% of friends have only Ead, with pending asylum cases and they run businesses, if u get rejected u can appeal it and before ur case is completely closed u can still request EAD renewals. U wont be removed from coubtry right after rejection, appeals and courts will take another couple of years. long story short-YES u can open a company
Y FMar 9, 2021
I think you can repeal but when I485 is denied, EAD is also denied so I guess he/she needs to stop working, right?

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