Jan 22, 2023
Does the first time application for Advance Parole get a biometrics appointment?
Typically, most employment based adjustment of status applications include the i-485 (AOS), i-765 (EAD), and i-131 (advance parole). My i-131 is stuck on "case was received". Although, for the i-485 and i-765, I received the biometrics appointment letter about two months ago and completed my ASC appointment over a month ago. I'm wondering what are the next steps before I can get the advance parole approved. Am I supposed to do something at my end or just wait at this point?
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Thd fahJan 22, 2023
They use the biometrics of I-485 or I-765 and once they want to approve your case, they update your 131 from ‘case was received’ to ‘biometrics applied’ and next day you get approved.
AJ VJan 22, 2023
Good to know, thanks
Varun GuptaJan 22, 2023
Same for me. I131 Case received since 4 months. 485 Says fingerprints received
Dan GJan 22, 2023
I got biometrics applied but it wasn’t approved yet. it was 10 days ago
Revi hJan 23, 2023
Well… for us the 131 was updated to biometrics 5 months ago… and still nothing. and we applied for advance parole along with the other applications on January 22… so I wouldn’t take that as an indication for getting it soon 😕
Illini CurtlerJan 23, 2023
That’s right my biometric was applied 15days back.
Green GreenJan 23, 2023
do they usually approve i765 and i131 together, if you submitted it together?
Illini CurtlerJan 23, 2023
No assurance that it will be a combocard. Some people say if Nebraska is ur center there are higher chances of combocard but takes longer time while NBC approves 765 faster but it’s not a combocard. probably these are all peoples assumptions or maybe experience nothing logical.
Green GreenJan 23, 2023
I see, my EAD was approved couple of days ago, but no update on my i131, I'll keep you all posted.
Abhi SJan 23, 2023
same for me. only got the biometrics notice for I-485 and I-765 #eb1b
balaji BJan 26, 2023
same here waiting for AOS, AP and EAD
Dhruv MJan 27, 2023
Anybody with California service center with priority date - Sep 22 who got I-131 and fingerprint appointment?

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