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Jan 25, 2023
does anyone has fingerprints applied to AP case for more than 2 months or after fingerprints applied they approve it immediately
pls answer
div spaceJan 25, 2023
mine was approved in 5 days. but I think it could be different for everyone. I pray you get your approval soon 🙏
s sJan 25, 2023
thanks. when the fingerprints were applied and which date was it approved: thanks for the prayers
on the right pathJan 26, 2023
@ss how long your said “ finger print were applied “?
on the right pathJan 26, 2023
I’m in the same situation after a week nothing
Atomic KittenJan 26, 2023
not to discourage everyone, but my fingerprints applied status has been around fot 8 months and i still haven’t received my AP. i hope i get it very soon 🙏
Moonstruck MisfitJan 27, 2023
I just noticed that my AP now shows biometrics too. Before it just showed “received” 🤞
S SS4d
My I-131 was filed along with I-485 mid August 2022 @ Texas in EB1A category. My biometric was done Sep 07 2022. For more than 5 months my I-131 online status was showing “Fees were waived - Case Received”. Just 2 days back I saw the online status of I-131 changed to “Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken”. No other movement.
S SS3d
@ Moonstruck Misfit As per your comment looks like your AP online status changed to “Case Was updated to show fingerprints were taken” ? is that correct ? Which service center ? And after how many months you saw this change in status ? mine is at Texas. I saw this same status change after close to 5.5 months from initial “Case received” which was in August 15th 2022. ok thanks.

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