James Smith
Jul 10, 2024
Discrepancy between reality and uscis apps and account. Psychological torture. Shameful!!!
My I-131 was approved on 2nd July following my visit to my local uscis office in Georgia (with an appointment of course!). However, I note that even 8 days later, my uscis account and apps (including lawfully) do not reflect this. In this technological age, I’m very surprised that the NBC and the local uscis offices do not interface nor share information on beneficiaries’ case updates. This could also mean that when I get back from my trip outside the US, the immigration officer at the port of entry may not necessarily have in his computer system that my I-131 was approved at my local uscis office unless I show him the piece of paper (AP). For me, it looks like a psychological mind game to keep beneficiaries in a state of fear and anxiety for as long as possible before a decision is made by uscis. Although I understand the uscis current backlog issues, I’m really skeptical about this way of doing things… Please let me know your thoughts on this!
Kanye EastJul 10, 2024
@James Smith It’s not something that happens rarely. My i485 has had several steps taken since the last 2 years. Nothing has been updated online. Pretty much half the USCIS applicants will tell you that the USCIS site doesn’t reflect a lot of their updates. But just give ‘Case Tracker’ app a try. A few of my case updates that didn’t reflect on USCIS, reflected on that app. I know it’s weird. A third party app has updates but USCIS doesn’t, I don’t know how they do that but give it a try.
James SmithJul 10, 2024
@Kanye East, thank you for your input. I can see that the tools available to applicants to check progress of their cases are absolutely useless! I have already downloaded all available apps in the AppStore that give updates on uscis cases. My phone is fully loaded unnecessarily. I do hope that uscis improves its services in the near future. USCIS is a huge cash cow that doesn’t live up to it’s expectations, clearly. Very unfair in the land of freedom!
Sureberry RJul 11, 2024
if you have the or any document In hand than it’s in the system even if the system is not updated yet..
lulu 369Jul 11, 2024
how did u get to visit the local office in atlanta ? i had an interview scheduled there with my husband and after the long wait in the waiting room a supervisor came to us telliing us that we cant get u an interview today because the system is down and they had not received the background check , we were planning to travel this summer together finally but now we have to wait till they contact us again @James Smith
James SmithJul 11, 2024
@lulu, Call the uscis number Friday afternoon around 3pm tell the automated system that it’s regarding your form I-131. The system will offer to send you a text message; accept it. Then it’ll ask you if there is another issue you would like help with; say yes. Tell the automated system that you did not receive a notice of form I-131. It should following this, put you through a live agent to speak to. The timing is crucial!! I don’t know if it was pure luck or whether I finally found a way to get to a human being rather than a robot. I wish you all the best. Keep us posted how it goes.

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