jose .
May 2, 2021
In my RFE (I.693) I was told that I will be required to submit my medical report. In another paragraph it states that if I receive interview mail, I should come with evidence and information relevant to the interview. Third paragraph says if your case does not require interview, you will receive further instructions. The beginning of last paragraph says DO NOT MAIL AT THIS TIME. Mailing on any of the references above may delay your case. I need clarification whether to mail my medical examination results or I should wait till the date of interview.
Z AMay 2, 2021
it means that if u get REF again u will have to submit I693 if u didn’t get REF but u got Interview notice then u will have to bring it to your interview. good luck
jose .May 2, 2021
Thank you
jose .May 25, 2021
Nicolas I did not understand your message. Which paper work are you talking about?
sid pMay 30, 2021
I693 medical
Leticia LoriJun 16, 2021
Jose I have the same problem like u with my 693 exactly the same thing they told me in the letter but I call my lawyer she asked me to bring it the day for my interview
jose .Jun 16, 2021
Thank you Leticia

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