Jul 12, 2021
Chase bank w-8 form
Hello everyone, Anyone who had this situation and can give me some advice? I opened an account in chase bank last month, and I received letter asking to fill out W-8 form. Iā€™m on a f-1 visa, currently in process for GC. SSN or ITIN is required on this form which I do not have. Anyone can help please? Many thanks.
Zeki AJul 12, 2021
I had similar issues aswell last month but luckily my ITIN came earlier these month...I believe chase Bank is doing am updates on individual accounts for taxes reasons.....All you have to do just go back there explain to them that you are waiting on your ssn,that is what I did before my ITIN came... I hope that helps
D WJul 12, 2021
Thank you so much for this info!
yoly gJul 12, 2021
itin number works for chase too
Zeki AJul 12, 2021
@yoly Yes it did work for me and everything was update..cos I get it from IRS for tax purposes...it took almost 3months to get it after I apply....cos I need it to file 2020 tax return with my wife,it is another alternative form of identification if you are still waiting for you ssn...So when chase send me a letter with w8 form included,the so purposes of it is how to capitalize interest and taxes of individual account,they also file taxes aswell..
yoly gJul 13, 2021
good šŸ‘šŸ½

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