Sam sami
Jul 22, 2021
case is approved and card was Received
after 7 years of sacrificing I got my green card today marriage based thank god everything comes if you work hard I really worked hard for 7 years and now I got what I want thank god thank god hamdolilah never give up guys if you have Any questions I can answer it I have more than seven years experience dealing with immigration
tata sylvaJul 22, 2021
why 7 years?
Sam samiJul 22, 2021
I had some issues
Sam samiJul 22, 2021
applied 2016
Dawit TessmaJul 22, 2021
@sam sami wht is ur dealing with them wavier or bonifed?
Mitch NKJul 22, 2021
you did the i601a ?
Mitch NKJul 22, 2021
congratulations đź‘Ź
Sam samiJul 22, 2021
thanks mitch
Sam samiJul 22, 2021
it’s was I-485 marriage based
G CJul 22, 2021
Congratulations! Hopefully I get to share my good news soon!
Sam samiJul 22, 2021
good luck to everyone I know how hard is it to get that gc
Sam samiJul 22, 2021
New York office
lexy lexyJul 22, 2021
is it ok to keep calling them to ask what’s going on with decision 10mnths after interview?
Sam samiJul 22, 2021
no it’s not you are Just wasting your time The customer service that you talk to have no idea about the decision they only see is case processing And they tell you it’s going to take between 12 and 40 months that’s the answer that you’re going to get all the time all you can do is wait based on my experience Calling them is not gonna help
If you have it straight. Thank God for your lifeJul 23, 2021
congratulations Sam Sami, if you don’t mind what was the issue you have with them? because my case is in benefit center MO since September 2019.
Sam samiJul 23, 2021
I did not have issue with them I had issue my self that’s why my case took long time even my marriage is real 100%

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