Klau S
Jan 25, 2022
I-485 New Card Is Being Produced
New Card Is Being Produced 01/25/2022 Please don't loose hope THIS IS MY TIMELINE: DACA holder since 2013 Advance parole and enter thru JFK 12/2015 ARRIVING ALIEN- USCIS HAS JURIDICTION OVER ARRIVING ALIEN Submitted i-130 May 2019 Submitted i-485 September 2019 My case was transfer to another office that had jurisdiction over me Oct 2019 NYC Federal Plaza Removal proceedings as of Sep 2019 ( asylum case pending since 2016) - Closed Interview :Nov 2021 i-485 Approved 01/25/22 Once I received the card my lawyer will make a motion with the immigration judge to dismissed my removal proceedings as I got a better remedy. i-130 approved 01/26/22 #arrivingalien #removalproceddings #i130 #i485


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 996 days
996 Days
National Benefits Center: I-130
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Submission to USCIS
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Green card blessings Follow me πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎJan 25, 2022
Dez BrownJan 25, 2022
Gigi AJan 25, 2022
why was ur case complex?
Klau SJan 25, 2022
I had an i-589 for asylum but it was closed as I found a better remedy, they had to put me in removal proceedings on Oct 2019 and I'm waiting for a hearing, as soon as I get my green card I will make a motion to close my removal proceedings case in order to get the i-130 approved
πŸ€” 🀫Jan 25, 2022
so you're basically saying that your green card approved before your i130? at this point I'm confused about this removal proceedings process because some lawyers say u can't adjust before the approval of the i130 'but some say u can't so I'm confused
v cekJan 26, 2022
Klau SJan 26, 2022
yes I was told by my lawyer that you can be a green card holder and be in proceedings. I think it depends on your case.
πŸ€” 🀫Jan 26, 2022
well my case is the same as yours I also I applied for asylum and got put to immigration court
πŸ€” 🀫Jan 26, 2022
and married to usc and have my I130 pending they say I have to wait until it's approved before I can terminate
Klau SJan 26, 2022
when i got to the master hearing I was already married to a citizen and my lawyer presented the paper work for our case i130 and i485 , the judge moved the individual hearing to give me time to be a green card holder, as of now my hearing is set to July 2023, i was told that once i get the card she will make a motion to dismissed the removal proceedings as ill have a better remedy.
Klau SJan 26, 2022
what type of asylum is it? I was applying for humanitarian as my daughter had a medical emergency, I had never been detained and been a daca holder since 2013 and I was parole in 2015
πŸ€” 🀫Jan 26, 2022
u had never been detain either and I'm also a tps holder and I haven't gone to my master yet cuz its for next month but I know they will push pushing ot further because of covid alot of people already get a different date for their hearing in Florida so idk what will happen and I was married to my husband before I even received the nta
Klau SJan 26, 2022
what I was told is that the immigration court sent the green card not uscis, as uscis has jurisdiction over arriving aliens, also this is what my lawyer told me, I hope it will help, The judge is aware of your application before USCIS. He would have decided your adjustment, but in this case he does not have jurisdiction. Your parole into the US makes you an arriving alien. USCIS has jurisdiction over arriving aliens. The removal proceedings will remain open until the judge terminates them. ICE must also consent. Therefore, we cannot make the motion until you have a green card. We cannot just leave things as they are with the court because you may have trouble traveling outside the US and you will have a problem when you naturalize.
πŸ€” 🀫Jan 26, 2022
well my situation is different because I entered the country with 10 years tourist visa never got in trouble with the law not even a ticket until now so maybe that's why they say I can't apply for a green card until the i130 is approved
Klau SJan 26, 2022
Trump tried to remove parole entries for TPS with respect to adjustment of status. With TPS, if you entered after 08/20/20, you cannot adjust. So, I am fine with that. This does not apply to my case. However, she had officers scrutinize this even though there is no issue.
Gigi AJan 26, 2022
why did you get an NTA if you had a 10 years visa? was it because of ur tps expiration or Trump crazy policies?
Klau SJan 26, 2022
I do not have either or, it's because I had an application for asylum for medical humanitarian reasons, we close the case as I got married to a citizen I did not need that remedy, the judge did my master hearing on 10/2019 and my individual hearing is set for 06/23, my lawyer will make a motion to terminate the removal proceedings

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