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Jun 9, 2021
card was sent
2 days ago uscis website was updated with “we sent your new card” but after that it has not updated, I was expecting a update with USPS tracking number. is this normal ? how long will it take to get tracking number from Usps after uscis sents card ? Thank you !
loly JJun 9, 2021
yes, you will most likely get an update late today that usps picked up your card. if not, tomorrow
Comment PleaseJun 9, 2021
Thanks Liz O !
Ismaeel AdekanbiJun 9, 2021
I hope you don't change address pls... cuz even if usps do shit, they'll still drop off the card on the address on file with USCIS. congratulations
juan rodriguezJun 9, 2021
you can check daily incoming mail with the USPS app
loly JJun 9, 2021
i am about go go pick up my card at the post office now, I requested them to hold it for me so it doesn’t get lost and they just called saying it’s ready for pick up!
Buddha MahendrakarJun 9, 2021
check now the status changed may be
Buddha MahendrakarJun 9, 2021
I got card was picked up by usps with tracking id at 5pm status update fyi
Comment PleaseJun 10, 2021
I received my green card yesterday, uscis website was not updated but post office delivered it in my mailroom. Thank you everyone !

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