Sanju Khatri
Jun 2, 2023
Card produced
I spoke to live agent today and I was told that combo card has been produced on May 31st, 2023 and case has been closed however Lawfully or case tracker has no update yet. how accurate was that for those who went through same situation? also how long it takes from the day combo card is produced to I-485 and I-130 be completed as well. Also I-130 for peritioner shows that the case is taking longer than expected however live agent said it takes 33 months and my petitioner has only been waiting for 10 months.
roro April 2022Jun 2, 2023
login to your online account and check there it’s more accurate
Sanju KhatriJun 2, 2023
@roro April 2022 for I-130 processing time says its taking longer than expected but live agent said it takes 33 months and its only been 10 months since we applied. is there anything i should do?
roro April 2022Jun 3, 2023
@Sanju Khatri it says this for me too .. try to enjoy your EAD and SSN for now .. give it 3 months if nothing happens then we will see what to do next
Sanju KhatriJun 3, 2023
@roro April 2022 got it. also i already had SSN from working on campus as i am student. Am i going to receive new SSN or is it going to remain same?
roro April 2022Jun 3, 2023
@Sanju Khatri if you put your ssn on the application when you filed I think you are not going to receive a new one unless you requested a new one then you will receive a new card with the same number you have right now .. I could be wrong 😑 but to make sure you can call SSA in two weeks from now to check if you are going to Receive a new ssn or you will keep yours ( anyway ssn won’t change it will remain the same)
Lucent 🤤Jun 5, 2023
i’m in the same situation like I already seen the approval letter from tab document but the status is still actively reviewed. have you get any update with yours?
Sanju KhatriJun 5, 2023
@Lucent . I haven’t gotten any update, however based on live agent info, they produce the combo card first and then the status gets updated
keep waitingJun 8, 2023
@Sanju Khatri did you receive your card yet?
Sanju KhatriJun 9, 2023
@Keep Waiting status changed to card is produced
Sanju KhatriJun 9, 2023
@Lucent . status changed to card peoduced
Sanju KhatriJun 10, 2023
@roro April 2022 do we receive an email with tracking number for combo card?
roro April 2022Jun 10, 2023
@Sanju Khatri after your card produced you will receive a notification that the usps picked up your card and they will provide you with a tracking number.. I have a subscription for inform delivery and whenever there is something under my name come to my mailing address I find it on the email with a picture for the package or letter

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