josh 5
Aug 6, 2022
bringing my baby to US
hi guys, got an important question am currently a green card holder and I just got a baby outside USA, can my baby be qualified for CRBA after I obtain my US citizenship or naturalization certificate.
Joe TAug 6, 2022
Josh, you will have to file for your baby since they were born before you receive your US citizenship. ( Note this is not a legal advise, but a personal experience).
y dAug 6, 2022
no . you have to apply as new process. we are in the same boat.
tas smithAug 6, 2022
the bady can only become a citizen if you are a citizen you have filed i130 petition for the baby
josh 5Aug 6, 2022
my wife's document are been DQed, waiting for an interview for 7months now, can I go ahead and add our new baby as derivative, now my question is will that cause my wife's Q in line waiting for the interview become reset or will maintain her place in line

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