Hope Sk
Feb 13, 2024
Hello everyone. My vawa case was received in September 23. I want to know if USCIS schedules a biometric appointment, is it going to be showing in the case tracker or is it just going to be only in the physical mail. My lawyer is always busy and takes a lot of trips. Im afraid if the notice comes in mail and there’s no one in the office. My case status didn’t changed since the reciept notice. I came to the US on student visa 8 years ago and I have never given any biometric to USCIS since then. Is there any way to check online if USCIS schedules the biometric appointment? Thanks for the responses in advance.
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Covenant ChildFeb 13, 2024
you going to be well informed with your tracker here worry less.
R AFeb 13, 2024
@Hope Sk hello, am in the same timeline as you. You'll get notified here in the app if there is update on your case. Even i haven't got anything yet so just hang in there and pray
Hope SkFeb 13, 2024
@Covenant Child @R A , Thank you very much for your responses. Feeling relieved now.
Jane doeFeb 14, 2024
idk what’s with all these lawyers, mine always on vacation or she’s sick, those are always the 2 excuses I get, never doing their job.
R AFeb 23, 2024
@Jane doe same here, my lawyer doesn't wanna do any shit either. Calls me only when she needs money
nick ☺️Feb 29, 2024
@Hope Sk did you got your biometric appointment?
Hope SkFeb 29, 2024
hi @nick ☺️ , I didn’t receive biometrics appointment yet. still awaiting….🤞. no update since recipient notice.

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