Jane Doe
May 9, 2022
biometric done since last month without update.
Hi! I had my biometrics and photo taken on April 8 and it hasn’t been updated since then. I have checked USCIS online account and lawfully several times but it still says case was received. is there anyone else on this boat and how long dose it take for biometrics to be updated? it’s i360 filed concurrently to Vermont center.
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Noella BahatsiMay 9, 2022
I have submitted my biometrics and it has been 4months since
Amanda EmmaMay 9, 2022
hey same here
Amanda EmmaMay 9, 2022
April 1
Jane DoeMay 9, 2022
@Amanda is this normal because I know couple people theirs was updated in a week
Amanda EmmaMay 9, 2022
i talk to live agent and they told me they received it
lebeni blessingMay 9, 2022
I've submitted my biometrics for 3 months now
Jane DoeMay 9, 2022
@Amanda you mean live agent through Emma or over the phone and did you also file i360?
megito 1May 9, 2022
if you submit biometrics for vawa nothing will show but if for 485 or 765 it will show. i did my biometrics last year july fod vawa. nothing but when i did another biometrics for 485 it shows that biometrics was taken. Also you have to pay the complete fees.
Jane DoeMay 9, 2022
@megito the biometrics notice was for i360 and i485
Shruthi SMay 9, 2022
Same with us. Biometrics done on Feb 22nd for 485 and 765 and still shows as case received
megito 1May 9, 2022
biometrics for vawa was july last year 2021. Biometrics for 485 was April2022. 765 fees was waived. i did 2 biometrics
megito 1May 9, 2022
485 show biometrics was taken but vawa didn't show me anything
Lab 005May 19, 2022
I did my biometrics since August 2021, got my combo card in April 2022 but my case status is still case received till now

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