Charlene Garraway
Jul 22, 2021
How long after biometric to receive combo card
angy dhJul 22, 2021
I received them separated ADVANCE Parole 1 month EAD 3 months
Charlene GarrawayJul 22, 2021
oh wow guess another wait time
Laurie PJul 22, 2021
my fingerprints were applied in February and I’m still waiting for combo card
Joyce TJul 22, 2021
had my biometrics in March. Still waiting
jean aJul 22, 2021
angry dh why separated? Did you expedite?
angy dhJul 22, 2021
jean a i did not expedite, but i didn’t fill out the I131 with the others forms. So i send the travel application separately in Jan 2020 and on Apr 2020 i received it
jean aJul 22, 2021
nice . did you pay for the I-131? is it submitted by mail?
P KJul 22, 2021
8 months for bio, and 1 more month for the combate card for me
angy dhJul 22, 2021
jean a i didn’t pay and i send it by mail.
Charlene GarrawayJul 22, 2021
well I waited 9 months b4 I got my boi appointment

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