Satty G
Dec 7, 2022
Atlanta FO - Medical rfe
Any idea how long it takes to get a response on medical rfe? Summitted two weeks back to AtlantaFO. I485 status hasn’t updated. Still says “case was updated to show fingerprints were taken”. #eb1c #medicalrfe Trying to understand the processing time for others on the same boat! please share your experience. Thanks!
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Liza janeDec 7, 2022
After giving biometric when the status started to show fingerprints taken. same waiting boat
P ODec 9, 2022
I just did my medicals some days back. please other than covid, influenza and tetanus. did you take any other vaccines? Since I had been vaccinated for Covid and flu . I was only given tetanus vaccine which hurts so bad at injection site. They did my physical, blood work and took urine sample. They said I will get a call in a week to come in. Is that how yours was done too. thank you.
Satty GDec 10, 2022
yes.. but they gave me hepatitis B vaccine as well since I did not have vaccination record! all the best!
Radhika NarayanDec 11, 2022
same boat
P ODec 11, 2022
@satty G thank you.
S KJan 17, 2023
Hi, when did u do biometrics?
Satty GJan 18, 2023
in June 2021

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