brayden butterfield
Jun 25, 2021
applying for a home loan while marriage based AOS pending with EAD and full time job.
I am having trouble getting my wife eligible to apply for a home loan together. has anyone had experience applying for a home while AOS was pending?
Ann SJun 25, 2021
my husband and I did we didn’t had any problems both working
usman DJun 25, 2021
while it depends of the lender I applied for mortgage/ home loan in Alaska I only had social security with my work permit and I was approved but I have good credit, Hight income plus cash deposit
ladyB TttJun 25, 2021
Usman please how did you do it??? can you please connect with me an put me through? I really need to buy a house but my case is still pending
brayden butterfieldJun 25, 2021
Ann S & usman D. Did you both have Co9p EAD cards?
Ann SJun 26, 2021
brayden butterfieldJun 26, 2021
Ann S. Would you mind telling me which broker/lender you used?
Ann SJun 27, 2021
I am sure different state are different
brayden butterfieldJun 27, 2021
Ahmed IbrahimSep 10, 2021
try another lender, you should be fine. don’t look for big banks.

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