shoe box
Mar 10, 2024
Any data points on how long EAD issuance is taking? my case was received on Jan 8 2024 and biometrics completed on Feb 28 2024. ROW case. case block MSC2490xx
#ead #eb2
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m pMar 10, 2024
biometrics on Jan 8, EAD approved feb 24
shoe boxMar 10, 2024
thanks mp
Y TMar 10, 2024
biometrics on Nov. 30, EAD approved on Jan. 24
S hopefylly prayingMar 10, 2024
@m p congrats on your EAD approval, what is your nationality?
S hopefylly prayingMar 10, 2024
biometrics Nov 17, 2023, no update on EAD I-131 I485 so far
S hopefylly prayingMar 10, 2024
@m g so fast, congrats
shoe boxMar 10, 2024
@s I haven't gotten the ead so asking for timelines
M SzMar 10, 2024
biometrics Jan 12, EAD approved Feb 22…BUT same for my souse as my dependent and still nothing for him
P KMar 10, 2024
Biometrics Jan 30 EAD approved Feb 21 for primary. Nothing yet for my spouse that completed biometrics on Jan 30 also.
shoe boxMar 10, 2024
@P K our timelines are close! your dates give me confidence! it's been only 11 days for me since biometrics so fingers crossed the ead is issued quickly. thanks!
shoe boxMar 10, 2024
@M Sz thanks! hopefully your spouse gets their ead soon
N VMar 11, 2024
EB2-1. Biometrics on Feb 2. I got the card on March 9 (Both me and my wife)
shoe boxMar 11, 2024
@N V thanks NV! so helpful
N VMar 12, 2024
Good luck @m g ! I continue the waith for the i-485 :)

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