Precious Rosario
Dec 8, 2022
Any Atlanta From October
I’m frustrated with the FO I chatted with Emma and they told me my interview was waived on 06/29/22 then I chatted with Emma again and the person I chatted with say she didn’t see that in the file 😏😕 and nothing has change in my case since march when I received my EAD I’m so over this process
Emma OGORODec 8, 2022
yesterday I was told my case is processing with my FO office then this morning I’m told my case is processing with NBC I’m over this process 13 months now only EAD I got
Jane GreyDec 8, 2022
@Precious Rosario they told me the same thing, sometimes these agents don't bother looking properly, try chatting with Emma again and give them your A number instead of receipt. if you have a date then I'm sure your interview is waived .
Jane GreyDec 8, 2022
@Emma OGORO same here , firsts it was at my field office now it's NBC we are 16 months in and still nothing but my EAD .
onlytwodc 🙂Dec 8, 2022
my pd 10/04/2021 still waiting
Precious RosarioDec 9, 2022
same pd and only got ead waiting on GC

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