Moses Olanrewaju
Nov 26, 2022
an advice please 🙏
I was told to send some documents during my visa interview so please I need help the joints sponsor on my case doesn't want to to give us his IRS tax transcript for printing he said he wouldonly give us for uploading but not to print out so now can I just put a short letter into the documents am about to send that the IRS tax transcript as been uploaded into CEAC so that they could check it instead of having the original copy of it since the joint sponsor is not ready to give us the IRS transcript
K PNov 27, 2022
You could write a letter, but it’s strongly advised that you have it notarized. That way USCIS knows what you say is true & factually. Good luck.
larry opeNov 28, 2022
I feel for you my brother the joint sponsor plead with him or her
Moses OlanrewajuNov 28, 2022
@Larry ope we did sir but my dad said maybe we should change our joint sponsor

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