Jenna L
Dec 8, 2022
after 14months of waiting, finally approved!
the case was transferred from Nebraska to Potomac and it finally got approved! it was such a long waiting but happy to move forward!


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 439 days
439 Days
Potomac Service Center: I-130
Timeline Map
Submission to USCIS
Actively being reviewed
Decision (Approval or Denial)
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Dean MurdockDec 8, 2022
congrats 🎊 mine sept 13 2021 14 months too nothing 😞
Any Day NowDec 8, 2022
congratulations 🎉
God will speakDec 8, 2022
Jenna LDec 8, 2022
thanks all! 😀 @Dean Murdock if you didnt get the approval yet maybe try to reach out to your congressman. i did two weeks ago but i don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or he actually helped out my case. good luck to you. hope you can get the approval soon🤞
Dean MurdockDec 8, 2022
OK Thanks i have until the 15 of this month I can enquire about it
Emmy ADec 8, 2022
congratulations 🎉
Mahmoud IBDec 8, 2022
Jenna , did you go to Congress man office or you inquired his office online ??
Jenna LDec 9, 2022
@Mahmoud IB since we are living outside of the US my husband(petitioner) sent an email.
Tokyo Wong Dec 9, 2022
congratulations 🎈🍾🎉
cristian millanDec 11, 2022
how long after been transferred was your green card approved? mine has been transferred to another office this week
Jenna LDec 12, 2022
@cristian millan i don’t know when my case was transferred bc i didnt get any notice for that. I checked where my case was at couple months after i filed I-130. Did you get the notice of action yet?
cristian millanDec 12, 2022
I did, on my end it says as a status “case transferred”
cristian millanDec 12, 2022
for my I-485
Jenna LDec 13, 2022
@cristain millan oh mm .. i don’t know how it works for I-485. processing time might be different... i didnt have to submit that form so i can’t really say much about it. im sorry i cant help you more.
Any Day NowJan 11, 2023
how is it going? have you been DQd?
Jenna LJan 11, 2023
@Andy Day Now No.. Actually I just submitted civil documents and applications and financial documents at NVC website today. Took little longer than expected to get prepared with all the documents because of my husband’s(petitioner) foreign income and tax stuff.

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