jean a
Jul 22, 2021
Advance Parole travel with 2 months overstay
Travel (Advance Parole) with overstay I wanted to travel using advance parole but I am not sure if I overstayed my visa or not? so, I used to be a J1 visa holder before my J1 expires I submitted a I-539 to change my status to B2 visa which is approved. The new validity of the B2 visa is only until January 11th 2021 this year and before that visa expires I got married to my boyfriend last January 4th, 2021. My AOS application was submitted Feb 24th 2021. 1.) Now my question is did I overstay? based on the dates above . 2.)Am I gonna be in trouble if I travel using advance parole? 3.) In my understanding if you have a pending application with uscis you can still legally stay in the country while waiting. So I am not sure if I did stay illegally since I got married before the date of my b2 visa expiration. because I know those applicants who previously overstayed is at risk of being inadmissible even if they have advance parole. thank you very much for your time!

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