tom G
Mar 19, 2023
does anyone know how USCIS process 751 cases? I’m told they now scan all documents and evidence and it’s all just via a computer screen or do they still manually go through your paper stack you send to them? Just curious, my packet was a few hundred pages thick and I feel sorry for the officer if they have to go through it by hand! 😂
bo NovakMar 19, 2023
you worry about someone doing his job? who cares as long as they do it.
tom GMar 19, 2023
it was a joke 🙃
Rocco FortéMar 19, 2023
😅They might even invite you to come help them
tom GMar 20, 2023
haha! hey as weird as it sounds, I’d love to go spend a few hours seeing how they work on cases. would be fascinating to see it from the other side :)

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