Jun 23, 2022
Payment Adjustment Of Status
Hi guys, I have a quick question. We are doing the adjustment of status, my question is regarding on how we can pay. I know the total of the filing fee is $1225, (Form I-485 $1140 and Biometrics $85). Now, can I do a money order for the total $1225, or I have to do 2 separate money orders one for $1140 and the second one for $85. Thank you.
Matt VogelJun 23, 2022
one check for the full amount
fd diJun 23, 2022
if you are doing money order, there is an amount limit per money order depend on with what company you are doing it. I did mine with US postal service and I had to do 2 money orders because the max amount was 1000 if I’m not wrong. But if you use a check then you have the put the total amount and make sure to keep that amount on your bank account. That is why I would advise you to use money order because you never know when USCIS will process your check. With the money order you have stress free 😊
M CJun 23, 2022
Thank you for the information, I’ve always done the money orders from USPS but I didn’t know they had a maximum, thank you again
Nikki anydayNOWJun 23, 2022
buy the money order from your Bank account from your account at the teller.. or u can do a check and make sure the money is available at all times until cleared..
Daniel TJun 24, 2022
Two money orders are fine. I did it too

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