Very Blessed
Nov 13, 2022
Hi all! For anyone that did an interview for employment based greencard, how long did it take to see any updates after the interview? My status was last updated to ‘Case was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken’ long before the interview and never changed. My interview was 3 weeks ago. Has anyone ever gotten approvals/their greencard without their status reflecting that they were actually approved but happen to get their card in the mail? Stay blessed 🙏🏾
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W QNov 13, 2022
I m in same situation. . waiting for result after interview 10 days ago
W QNov 13, 2022
same EB3
W QNov 13, 2022
is officer say anything after finish the interview? approved or say nothing
Tung TranNov 13, 2022
please let me know, your Fingersprint was at 1st time or at 2nd time in your case?
Very BlessedNov 13, 2022
@W Q the officer just said something like ‘looks good, we will reach out to you with a decision’ and gave me a slip of paper
Very BlessedNov 13, 2022
@Tung Tran The fingerprint was there since before I got the interview and never changed. Even when I got scheduled for an interview, it still didn’t change to show that I did. lol
W QNov 13, 2022
what type of paper
Olivia tranNov 17, 2022
same, I had an interview on July 27 and they were about to approve my case but they said the visa bulletin is not current so they will get back to me as soon as the visa bulletin becomes current again. that’s so frustrating. 😒😒😒 after that I was received combo card and I am now working and still wait for GC.

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