amzad hossain
Jun 23, 2022
asylum ead initial
applied my initial ead as a asap member 50 days ago .. no response yet .. did service inquiry and emailed tsc class action to Texas service center ..they replied waiting to assignment to a officer.. any one applied as rosario class action member ?
I zJun 23, 2022
I did but they didn’t do anything about it until I expedited it as a healthcare worker.
Andy PJun 24, 2022
Hello, i'm in the same situation, but according to them it no longer matters that you are a member of the rosario class, due to the court decision in the case of Asylumworks vs Mayorkas in February 2022, since according to them they have experienced a significant increase in the initial processing of EADs because the Trump's asylum rules, are no longer valid.

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