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User Guide

The following is meant to explain the primary features of Lawfully’s Tracker app for current and potential users. This is meant to be legible to immigrants with various levels of English proficiency and, thus, deploys simple, straightforward language.
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Sign Up or Log In
Welcome to Lawfully Tracker!
The first time you start the app, you will be asked to sign up
for a Lawfully account or Log In if you already have one.
To create an account, simply tap “Sign Up” and you will be guided through the process.
If you already have an account, tap “Log In” and enter your e-mail and password to start reviewing your cases.
My Cases
Once you’ve logged in,
you’ll be brought to the “My Cases” screen;
this is where you can enter your immigration case information or
review the status of cases you’ve already entered.
You can think of this as the home screen of Lawfully Tracker.
On the bottom of the screen,
you’ll notice buttons for other sections of the app.
We will discuss these as well, but for now we’ll focus on “My Cases.”
If you swipe down to the bottom of the screen,
you’ll notice buttons for other sections of the app.
We will discuss these as well, but for now we’ll focus on “My Cases.”
Case Entry
The first time you use Lawfully Tracker,
you will need to enter the details of your immigration case.
You can do this by tapping on the large “+” button on the top right
of the screen. From there, just type your case receipt number and it will automatically identify the correct case type, then manually enter your information.
Check Your Case
After you’ve entered at least one case,
if you return to the “My Cases” screen,
you will see your case listed for selection; select the case
you’d like to review to see the details.
Note: you can monitor multiple cases at a time, just enter each one individually and then select the case you’d like to review from the “My Cases” screen.
Case Status
Once you’ve selected a case you’d like to review,
you will see the “Your Status” at the top of the screen;
this lets you know the progress that’s been made
on your case already and what the next steps are. You can tap on individual circles to see details of each step in the case process.
You can also send an “e-Request”
if you have questions or concerns about your case (more on this later).
Case Prediction
If you scroll down below your “Your Status”,
you will see your “Expected Decision Date”;
this is a prediction made by Lawfully based on years of immigration data.
This prediction gives you a sense of how long you may have to wait and at what time you are most likely to see your case processed.
Case History
At the bottom of your case details,
you’ll find your case history; this is is where you can see
when you completed the various steps of your immigration case and
the result of each step.
If you swipe down to the bottom of the screen,
you can bring up the section button bar;
the second button is for “e-Requests”.
In this section, Lawfully will direct you to various official forms that you can use to ask questions and address concerns with the immigration process; simply find the issue or question you have and follow the instructions.
The third button in the button bar is “Government Estimates.”
Just like Lawfully, the US government
attempts to provide predictions for the processing time of your case.
However, the US government’s predictions have been known to be unreliable, so we recommend that you consider Lawfully’s “Expected Decision Date” prediction on your case page when trying to get the best sense of when your case might be processed.
The fourth button in the button bar is “News”.
In the “News” section of Lawfully Tracker,
we provide immigration news from various government and media sources.
They are grouped according to the original source and are updated on a daily basis.
The last button in the button bar is “Account.”
On your “Account” page, you can adjust your password,
turn notifications on or off, read our Terms of Service and
Privacy Policy, or logout of the app.
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