Lawfully’s Immigration Q&A with Attorney #5

Lawfully's fifth Q&A video is released! In order to help even more immigrants, Lawfully is launching a Q&A series with immigration lawyers to answer questions received from users.

You can find the answers to these questions.

Q1. How do you expedite K-1 visa?

Q2. I had my I130 approval since December still now I’m not receive anything.

Q3. Can we use UberLyft income for immigration purpose if we claim that income in our taxes?

Q4. Does the wait time differ based on the home country of the beneficiary?

Q5. I submitted my form I-485 February 2020 and have had what I believed was a successful interview (March 2021). However it’s been 2 years since I filed and and next month makes it 27 months which is the time frame stated for my service center/ state. I am confused at what could be the delay. Any advise please?

Q6. I'm married to a US citizen im south african im starting the process of applying for a green card but i dont have a unabridged birth certificate.

Q7. Is it possible to expedite I-485 related to an employment based adjustment of status?

Q8. Can a person get a non-immigrant visa like B1/B2 or F-1 visa when there is a green card in process?

Q9. My green card expired 2 years ago and i need to travel. The renewal is in the process. Can i get the stamp in my passport to travel if i schedule the info pass?

Q10. We have gotten our date for the first interview but my EAD is not yet in. When will it come?

Session #5. Q&A with Ramin Asgard

The host of our fifth video of the series will be Ramin Asgard, a former USCIS & Consular officer and currently one of our most popular immigration lawyers at Lawfully.

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