Selçuk H
Dec 9, 2022
what is this l didn’t understand
Important reminder if you need to update a beneficiary’s physical address or phone number If you are requesting parole on behalf of a beneficiary, you may update their physical address or phone number. Visit the Unsolicited Evidence page and upload a letter that includes the following: Beneficiary’s first and last name Receipt number of Form I-131 you filed for the beneficiary Reason for change in address and/or phone number New address and/or phone number Copy of the identity document submitted for the beneficiary with the original form I-131
Lydia GeeDec 9, 2022
did you expedite your case
Lydia GeeDec 9, 2022
my shows the same thing
gigi wrightDec 9, 2022
it’s nothing! my lawyer stated that it means “if” you or your spouse move to update it. otherwise if you are still in the same address then ignore it
Selçuk HDec 9, 2022
@Lydia Gee yes l did expedite my case l131
Blessing BlessingDec 9, 2022
I received this same reminder.

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