ali L
2 days ago
watch your mail guys: biometrics appointment scheduled but case still received
I recommend all of you in this crazy long wait to sign up for USPS informed delivery service, they will send you email notifications daily about all incoming mail. I received the #biometrics appointment this week and my wife threw it with a punch of other mail in the bin, she hates mail that much, fortunately I received the USPS email a day before and I have seen its picture (I didn’t know what was inside but I was happy anyway) so I ask her: babe did you see the mail from USCIS and she was like OMG check the bin I almost trashed all the mail today 😂. found it and I am going for the appointment at end of this month. I have been waiting for it since April 2020 (yes 14months). InformedDelivery is a life saver case updates are NOT up to date
That Guy2 days ago
I check that thing everything bro. that's like the first thing I check when I open the email
juliet 02 days ago
I check mine too. Also people don't usually get online notifications when bio is scheduled. you only get status change when you done with the biometrics. anyways congrats on getting that important mail thank God the trash waited for you lol 😆
sun daya day ago
your case will not usually update if biometrics is schedule, it’s a common practice.
👍🏽 👍🏽a day ago
mine didn’t show up in the informed delivery and it arrived 5 days before the bio 🥴🥴🥴 due to mail delays thanks God it arrived on time.

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