mike joni
Sep 15, 2021
wanna applied for form I-130
hi my peoples I wanna applied for my I-130 I’m the beneficiary but I know I will go to the interview with somes eveidences but first of all what do I needed from me and from my wife for applied pls help
Ahmed ElmenshawySep 15, 2021
Z. A. OriginalSep 15, 2021
As the beneficiary you will not be the one applying for the 130 Petition. A qualified 130 applicant will be a US Citizen or GC holder. If correct, then your wife is the Right person to file the 130 on your behalf.
mike joniSep 15, 2021
ok but yes what should I submit with that before get the evidence for the interview
Ahmed ElmenshawySep 15, 2021
you should submit all the evidence with the i-485
Claudine SchlossSep 15, 2021
if you are unsure about what you should do, consult a good immigration lawyer. Good luck!
ma maSep 16, 2021
we used an immigration lawyer to help us out as the forms were overwhelming to us and due to CoVid we didn't want to take chances just in case we didn't do it correctly

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