let’s gooo Heat
Mar 23, 2021
job search
Hi all how can I get a job with my foreign degrees BS and MS in Philadelphia any suggestions?
KD MWMar 23, 2021
You'd have to get your degrees evaluated by an approved agency to ascertain what it is equivalent to in the US.
let’s gooo HeatMar 23, 2021
I did get it evaluated already
KD MWMar 23, 2021
I guess you can search through Indeed and Ziprecruiter among other job search engines
let’s gooo HeatMar 23, 2021
thank you!
hope for bestMar 23, 2021
check your state workforce website, create account and upload your details and start applying
A .Mar 23, 2021
Didn't evaluate my medical degree, had 10 interviews through indeed and now working in medical field. They saw my previous experience on the resume and I kept following up through 1st and 2nd interviews. Don't limit yourself to Philly broaden your search area.
J samMar 25, 2021
@A. what position did you get in the medical field as an img?
A .Mar 26, 2021
Medical Case Manager
J samMar 26, 2021
@A Great. all the best👏🏾

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