Natasha Carroll
Oct 1, 2023
Interview Date Set!
Moved to NVC May 4. Submitted documents by June 20. Documentairly Qualified July 4. Received notice of interview date Sept 13. Interview date set for Nov 8! Wish us luck!


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 367 days
367 Days
Nebraska Service Center: I-130
Timeline Map
Submission to USCIS
Decision (Approval or Denial)
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The Burrell-Robinson’s 🇯🇲🏳️‍🌈Oct 1, 2023
All the best!
Natasha CarrollOct 1, 2023
Thanks! @Alma Burrell-Robinson
linda heyOct 1, 2023
congratulations in advance 🎉
june 2023Oct 1, 2023
congrats 🎉 which embassy
Kristen BOct 1, 2023
@Natasha Carroll Good luck ❤️
GA --Oct 1, 2023
good luck 👍 may i know which embassy?
R B Oct 2, 2023
good luck
S MOct 2, 2023
which country ?
d dOct 2, 2023
omg!! how lucky! i got DQ July 17, and I’ve been waiting for 2 months now😔😔I hope my turn comes for interview dare
Yessi OOct 2, 2023
@Natasha Carroll Good luck 🎉 which embassy?
Oct 2, 2023
Hello, my dear. Did you have a sixteenth American passport or a Green Card?
Natasha CarrollOct 2, 2023
@june 2023 Montreal! And thank you :)
Natasha CarrollOct 2, 2023
@GA -- Montreal. And thanks!
Natasha CarrollOct 2, 2023
@S M I’m Canadian. Husband’s American.
Natasha CarrollOct 2, 2023
@R B Thank you!
Natasha CarrollOct 2, 2023
@linda hey Thank you so much!
Natasha CarrollOct 2, 2023
@R B Thanks!
Natasha CarrollOct 2, 2023
@d d You should hear something really soon! I was DQ’d July 4 and notified Sept 13. So you should hear something any day now :)
Natasha CarrollOct 2, 2023
@ I don’t know what you mean by a “sixteenth American passport” - I’ve never had an American passport. I have a Canadian one. Never had a Green Card either.
S MOct 3, 2023
@Natasha Carroll thanks for letting me know, I’m in the same boat and waiting to get my interview date now so this is really helpful ☺️
d dOct 3, 2023
@Natasha Carroll does the interview scheduling depend on the embassy or NVC?
Natasha CarrollOct 4, 2023
@d d The NVC works around the embassy’s schedule. Some may be busier than others, but from what I’ve read online, it should only take around 1-3 months to get an interview date.
d dOct 4, 2023
@Natasha Carroll yes! that’s what I’ve been reading online as well! I really hope I get mine very soon! I miss my husband 2 years is a long time😫
Rose AOct 4, 2023
what embassy?
Natasha CarrollOct 15, 2023
@Rose A Montreal
Natasha CarrollOct 15, 2023
@d d Have you been able to visit in that time?
d dOct 15, 2023
@Natasha Carroll yes since my wedding I visited 3 times, I was gonna go in December for the holidays, but in Lebanon the environment is very scary, idk what’s to come in that country , I tried expediting his interview because of that reason, we got denied 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. I’m so worried what’s to come in that country. we don’t know if war is gonna begin there.
Natasha CarrollOct 18, 2023
@d d I’m so sorry. That sounds terrifying. Hope you can be with your partner soon 🤞
S MNov 1, 2023
@Natasha Carroll best of luck with your interview next week! Would love to hear about the experience after you’re done if you’re open to sharing ☺️ hoping to get my interview date soon
Natasha CarrollNov 5, 2023
@S M Thank you! I’m so nervous, lol. I’ll keep you posted for sure! Hope you hear back on a date soon 🤞
S MNov 7, 2023
@Natasha Carroll I’m sure it’ll be great! Safe travels (unless you’re from Montreal haha) 🙃
Natasha CarrollNov 7, 2023
@S M Actually at Toronto Pearson right now sitting at the gate. Boarding soon! Keep you posted.
S MNov 8, 2023
Ahh so exciting, you’re so close! Cant’t wait to hear more - all the best today ☺️
Natasha CarrollNov 8, 2023
@d d Just posted an update! check it out!
Natasha CarrollNov 8, 2023
@S M Just posted a separate update! check it out
S MNov 8, 2023
@Natasha Carroll thank you!

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