Mon Don
Jan 14, 2022
I751 - Nebraska
Hello everyone. I just had a question for you all. I received the “Fingerprint reused” letter but it has been over 5 months since then and it has not updated on Case Status website. It still shows on “Case was Received.” Is this normal? I am just super worried and have not seen a post on this.
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oli santJan 14, 2022
mine too so no need to worry
Mon DonJan 14, 2022
Thank you! Do you check on your case everyday?
H KJan 14, 2022
mine was filed on April 5 2021 and they reused my fingerprints in May and since June 22nd my status is stuck on interview to be schdule...more than 9 months since I have applied and got nothing.only it says case was received in April 5 2021..checking everyday and it really breaks heart to see....why they are so sleepy..even most of the ppl got done with ead or gc interview 😔 and I am stuck.
Mon DonJan 14, 2022
mine has been stuck on case was recieved. I am stessed because it did not change online but got a letter.

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