R Sharma
Dec 9, 2022
I-485 Lee Summit, MO
I-140 NIW Approved Sep 2022 My I-485, I-765, and I-131 are in lee summit, MO ( NBC) Filed on Sep 29, 2022 Biometrics on Oct 24, 2022, Any with a similar timeline? When should I expect some changes? #I-485, #I-765, #NIW
Liza janeDec 9, 2022
Filed Oct, 11 all of these and biometric Nov,17 and still waiting same boat
am eliaDec 9, 2022
AP and EAD already approved?
P KBDec 9, 2022
filed on August 31st, biometrics done on 0ctober 3rd. Still waiting.
Lydia GeeDec 9, 2022
filed on August 31st no EAD yet still waiting
Lydia GeeDec 9, 2022
@ Elia how long does it take for you to get your EAD
R SharmaDec 9, 2022
elia: nothing approved yet
God is good savior of the world (Jesus)Dec 9, 2022
how would USCIS knows that you have an approved i 140 if you filled concurrently so that they can start processing your i485
R AJan 2, 2023
@R Sharma, can you update if any of your cases (I485/I131/I765) have been approved at this point? I am exactly in the same boat as you were in, I just received notice from NBC yesterday that they will be processing my cases.
R SharmaJan 4, 2023
765 and 131 approved, waiting for 485
Shri RamJan 4, 2023
@R Sharma - how long after EAd approval you received AP approval? or you got combo card?
R AJan 13, 2023
@R Sharma, thank you for the update! Can you tell us how long it took from your September NIW approval until your 765 and 131 got approved?
R SharmaJan 13, 2023
60 days

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