s z
Nov 21, 2023
I 130 consular processing
hello fam, did anyone got approved for I 130 petition for outside US citizen spouse (april fillers) do you have updates if you got accepted before April year 2023? #marriage #lebanon #beirut #uscis


U.S. citizen filing for a spouse

Total Days: 224 days
224 Days
Potomac Service Center: I-130
Timeline Map
Submission to USCIS
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Jessica LamaNov 21, 2023
March 16 2023 it's been 8months still waiting for approval
s zNov 21, 2023
@Jessica Lama you might get approved in January
S MNov 21, 2023
January 27th here. Looks like they might be working on November and December 2022 applicants right now.
Johanna 27 Dec, 2022 Potomac Nov 21, 2023
@s z It's very slow, I don't see approvals from potomac, I'm ir1 Dec 27, 2022 potomac, this is distressing.
s zNov 21, 2023
well my case was transferred from nebraska severe ceter to potomac on Aug 5 and most of the cases i witnessed is taking almost 11 months @johanna
s zNov 21, 2023
@S M yea i agree we still have like 4 months to go
Martins ChimaNov 21, 2023
I am January 3rd Potomac no approval yet but hopefully this week or next
Joey ANov 21, 2023
when I looked at visajourney it showed cases for all petitions and saw there working on this year, hopefully soon we will be approved

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