Leo S
Apr 27, 2022
How long does It take for USCIS to resend EAD Card?
Good morning everyone, My EAD was approved about two weeks ago. The card was mailed to me but the mailman felt like this was the perfect time for him to play a joke on me and returned the card to USCIS. I have lived at the same address for over a year and never had a problem with my mail delivery until two weeks ago. How long does it take USCIS to re send the card? What steps should I take to make sure it’s sent to me ASAP? Is this going to take months again?? I’m panicking
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blessed & favoredApr 27, 2022
if your name is not on the mailbox, some new delivery person will not deliver but if you have the tracking number you can have the post office hold it for pick up. then go to the post office with a gvt issued ID and pick it up. better yet sign up for informed delivery and you’ll get an email copy of any and all incoming mail.
Leo SApr 27, 2022
My name is on the mailbox and I’ve already contacted my local post office and there is nothing they can do to help since the card is already returned to USCIS. I will sign up for informed delivery, thanks!
manjula SinghApr 27, 2022
Raise a service request and they shall redeliver the card back to you. This time try to pick it up from the post office instead. I was in the same boat as you but luckily I called post office the same day and they were able to get the card back to me the next business day. good luck 🍀
Leo SApr 27, 2022
@manjula thank you, I will do that
Michelle CliffordMay 2, 2022
@leo, did you receive your card and how? You got your card at the post office?
Leo SMay 2, 2022
@Michelle I haven’t received the card yet. when I track the package it says it’s still in transit back to the USCIS. So they haven’t gotten it back yet - in order to resend it to me.
Michelle CliffordMay 2, 2022
When the mail guy started to send your card back to USCIS, didn't stop him in time
Aastha cJun 13, 2022
I’m in the same boat now. Have you been able to resolve this? any suggestions?
Leo SJun 14, 2022
@Aastha, no I haven’t found a solution yet. also USPS lost the card and it was never returned to USCIS
Ankit BJul 1, 2022
It happened to me today. The USPS confirmed that they have returned the card to the sender. I have filed for Service request as instructed on the USCIS portal. How long will it take to receive new EAD?

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