GeeGee L
Feb 29, 2024
How Long does it take for Imigration Judge to terminated?
I am curious of how long most people have to wait acter sending motion to terminate deportation order? I got ICE joint the motion and send it to the court,arrive to court on Feb7th but just got status update on EIOR that case was received on the Feb26th. Anyone and experience on this? I would like to hear how long it usually take you guy in the court process.
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Shahbaz AhmedFeb 29, 2024
it takes one day only mine it was in one day
Jimmy StFeb 29, 2024
GeeGee L We spoke before. How do you track your motion ? How do you know where motion is? Is your lawyer give you update. What I`ve heard if the order was issued, that means decision has been made, they are not in a hurry at all. You have no court hearing or anything, it can take over a year. We are in similar situation. One more time how do you check your progress. I would like to chat with you. Leave your email if you would like. we talk
GeeGee LFeb 29, 2024
@Jimmy St like I said on my post. EOIR case status. you can track your case there if your case I already in the court
Jimmy StFeb 29, 2024
GeeGee L Thank you

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