Muhammad Uzair
May 4, 2023
hello all, how much time NVC till take to send case to embassy for visa interview?
sh pMay 4, 2023
which embassy?
Nour JaafarMay 4, 2023
which embassy ??and when is your qd date
Rashid HussainMay 4, 2023
Which embassy
Muhammad UzairMay 4, 2023
Berlin, Germany
Muhammad UzairMay 4, 2023
@ Nour jaafar what is dd?
Muhammad UzairMay 4, 2023
my case was approved on 26.04.2023 and was sent to NVC. I got an email
Fatima De SosaMay 4, 2023
you have to do the nvc 6 steps first before the interview steps, If I'm not wrong. you will get a welcome letter from nvc and then you will have to submit some documents and fees and then they will review the documents and they will let you know if documents qualifies or need more documents. after they say Documents Qualifies they will look for schedule an interview in your country consulate
kaur kaurMay 5, 2023
@Fatima De Sosa🥰 how much time will NVC take to send the welcome letter??
Lisa LópezMay 5, 2023
@kaur kaur yes!!
Fatima De SosaMay 5, 2023
@kaur kaur it's take around maybe3 to 5 days. For me, I received welcome letter from NVC 1 or 2 days after my approval

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