2 days ago
Dec, 2019! 18 months 😪😪😪 I-130 and still counting..
I was told my case is at New Orleans Office. I’ve no idea 😢😢😢.. Texas Service was the mother of the case until all these transfers then it landed at New Orleans Office. Anyone facing this challenge. USC filer. 🇬🇭
Edwin Rojas2 days ago
yes me too dec,2019 still waiting
Nupur Patel2 days ago
nov 2019 and still waiting…. Spouse of US Citizen…. transferred from Texas to California last year…. Says it’s processing at either California or Washington Field Office currently…. don’t know why? because it is consular processing…. i am in India and my husband in America…. only God knows what USCIS is upto!!!! i am so sick and tired of this process😔

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