Angy Angy
Jun 23, 2022
Comment below if you received NOID following my example
Case type: spouse of US citizen, first green card application; Received NOID on: October 14th 2021; Replied to NOID on: November 9th 2021; Updates: no news since November 9th 2021; Field Office: Boston, MA Waiting for: 7 months and still counting
Mitch NKJun 23, 2022
how did your i485 interview go so far? 🤔
Yanner VJun 24, 2022
what evidence of bonafide marriage did you bring to the interview?
Angy AngyJun 24, 2022
the interview went well, was ok! joint bank accounts, tax forms, utility bills, pictures
Yanner VJun 24, 2022
why did u receive a NOID? was it after the interview?
Angy AngyJun 24, 2022
10 days after interview
Yanner VJun 25, 2022
oh wow. what was the reason for it?
Mitch NKJun 25, 2022
what was the reason for noid? answer this questions so that someone could know how to advise with their own experience
Angy AngyJun 25, 2022
7 months since I replied to NOID. Mine NOID was based on few discrepancies me, and my husband had. My husband has autism and he tent to confuse names of the restaurants and he might not remember what gift he bought for me on my birthday, I think all people without any diagnosis sometimes will not remember these type of things. Is first marriage for me and for him, no kids, no relationships
Yanner VJun 26, 2022
what were the questions and how many questions did you have different answers to? me and my husband answered a few questions differently so I’m kinda worried. even though we provided joint documents and pics

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