Feb 5, 2024
Are any SRCXXX_LB I-485 Getting Approved?
I am seeing a lot of MSC approvals but none for SRCXXX. My case was received at SRC in Nov 2022 but transferred to NBC in Feb 2023. Any other SRCXXX receipt numbers also waiting? My PD is feb 2022, ROW.
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I OFeb 5, 2024
I am also SRC LB and seeing the same pattern :( PD June 2022 Mexico According to Hilites app there were hundreds of 485s approved last week for MSC and just a few (less than 100) for SRC LB/SC receipts. What’s happening?! this is so frustrating
Long waitFeb 6, 2024
I’m SRC too and no update. just case remains pending since July 2023.
Michael RuurdsFeb 7, 2024
Same here. SRC pd Jan-22 filed Nov-22 and no movement since RFE in Jul-23.

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